How It Works

Here at BBS we operate as an ex-cellars agent as well as a distributor.


All of the wines listed here on the site are imported excusively by us into a bonded warehouse in Barking, Essex. From here they are distributed throughout the UK & Ireland either Duty, Paid and Delivered (DPD, price includes excise duty, customs tax and delivery charges but not VAT) or Delivered Under Bond (customer must have their own bonded warehouse or duty deferment account).

We offer 3 different rates to our customers depending on the overall size of the order. Each order can be a mixture of all the wines we stock.

  • 10 Case Rate (1 case = 12x 75cl or equivalent)
  • 25 - 49 Case Rate
  • 50+ Case Rate (Full Pallet)

It is also possible to collect orders directly from our warehouse.


If a wine is growing in popularity and a whole pallet of one wine (approx 600 bottles) is required reasonably frequently then it may make more sense for us to arrange a shipment directly from the supplier and offer you a more competitive rate. You would be invoiced in the currency of origin for the wine and in GBP for the cost of shipment. For more information please speak to one of us in the office.


Obviously for either method of purchasing our customers expect to taste the wine before committing to such quantities. We do reserve the right to charge for samples but are often able to credit that cost against future orders.

Opening an account:

If you are interested in our products then please do not hesitate to pick up the phone or send us an email.

Our contact details can be found here.